Erupting from the molten core of California’s arts inferno, Kristina Nekyia burns bright across the star-studded skies of stage and screen. Showgrrrl, belly dancer, circus contortion dancer, burlesque queen, pin up nymph, actress, fire eater, director, and writer, she is a Renaissance Femme in the technicolor world of show.

Kristina was the 2010 First Runner-Up for the title of Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame competition in Las Vegas, and in 2005 she was the Hips of Fury Belly Dance Ultimate Soloist. Her dedication to the art of Mongolian contortion led her to study with the Mongolian Circus in Ulaanbaatar, and develop the first ever belly dance contortion fire duet with world-famous contortionist Serchmaa Byamba. She has worked, on stage and on screen, with major talents including George Clinton, Margaret Cho, Lady GaGa, David Arquette, Rachid Taha, Peaches, and DJ Shadow.

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News from The Nekyia

The year of the apocalypse is nothing if not auspicious for a bruja showgrrrl. Kristina is developing two new acts (one involves Barbi dolls, the other a North African trance composition from MC Rai and Drumspyder) and preparing to tour Dream of Nekyia to burlesque festivals across the globe. For those of you in her home turf, Hollywood, Kristina is teaming up with a fellow ecdysiasts Diamondback Annie, Princess Farhana, Jewel of Denial, Lux LaCroix, and Venus DeMille to present House of Bawd, a band of renegade showgrrrls and showbos who just can’t keep their sequins to themselves. Featuring the finest in talent and tits, The House of Bawd is home to the erotic and bizarre children of burlesque. Check for upcoming performances.